Automatic machines to fill, cool, cut - code - seal suppositories & ovules.
Preformed suppository / ovule shells - film - Excipient / Suppository mass.


The smallest filling unit
for preformed suppositories / ovules.

BP-2 is suitable to process 3600 shells/h. Containers on the loading disc are automatically unwind and feed under an adjustable nozzle (dosing range up to 3.5cc, increments of 0.10cc), then filled with melted suppository mass and mixed in a 10l jacketed hopper with water circulation.

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The upgrade version of BP-2
to fill preformed suppositories / ovules.

BP-10 gets the target of 6000 shells/h. It is equipped with a touch screen display and has a 25l jacketed hopper with water circulation. The dosing range is the same as the BP-2 unit, like the hopper temperature range too. All parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel 316l.

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Sealing, coding and cutting unit for preformed suppositories / ovules.
3 operations, just one machine.

BP-3 is a really compact solution to end the production cycle started with the filling. It processes 3600 shells/h. Sealing process is performed by heating impulse. Coding phase can be processed using 2 different systems (upon request): the embossing or the thermic one.

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The upgrade version of BP-3 to seal,
code and cut preformed suppositories / ovules.

BP-11 processes 6000 shells/h. Thanks to its friendly touch screen interface, setting will never be a problem. Like BP-2, BP-11 has been sold in thousands of units. It has been designed for labs, small batch productions and pharmacies.

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CU-2 | CU-4Cooling

Lets’be cool. CU-2 and CU-4 introduce the cooling phase to the shell’s line.

Cooling process is really important to get a well solid suppository or ovule shells. CU-2 and CU-4 are based on a continuous ventilation concept which brings the products from liquid to solid state with a progressive cooling. The temperature can be set from 15°c up to 25°c.

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2 different materials and 2 opening options.

We sold and continuously sell hundred millions of empty suppository & ovule shells per year all over the world. The shells can be manufactured in 2 different materials, just in pvc and in pvc/pe. They’re completely white and we’ve a double opening option: tear-off and peel-off. The thickness can be 127 mycrons (±10%) or 147 mycrons (±10%) and we could print them also on both sides and with 2 different colours.


Excipients for suppositories.

Over the machines, over the shells we decided to complete the full production cycle introducing excipients for suppositories. It is a base according to the current monographs “hard fat, adeps solidus”, ph. Eur. And “hard fat”, USP-NF. They are white, odourless hard fats in pastill shape and comprise of glycerides of plant origin. Highlighted bases contain certain additives (f.i. bees wax or an emulsifier). Available over 15 different excipient types.

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